Inspired by the passion for soccer and stickers collections, we created a project
that unites the best of art and football. Plakker Album Geïlustreer, from the Afrikaneer (one of 11 oficial language in South Africa), means "illustrated sticker album" and it was the first virtual "stickers" album
During 2010 World Cup, 67 illustrations made by 33 artists from 10 countries were posted by 25 sites. The project goal was multilateral integration between designers/illustrators, media specialist and the final consumer.
There is 3 sessions in the album: Brazil, with 25 brazilian players. Teams, with 31 highlights from international teams, and finally, Gold, with 10 football legends.
Each "sticker" was posted in one of the 25 "top of mind" partners websites related to designer, arts, communication, etc. 
You only needed to subscribe to start a new album.
By clicking the image in the websites, you automatically add it to your album,
visible in plakker website. The calendar allowed users to follow the posts.
The first 70 to complete won Zupi magazines. 4 weeks online and we had
among 5000 subscribes and more than 250.000 pageviews.
L Filipe dos Santos (Spain), Felipe Motta aka Mottilla (Brazil), Magomed Dovjenko (Germany), Felipe Guga (Brazil), Fil Dunsky (Russia), João Lavieri (Brazil), Damian O'Donohue (Ireland), Daniel Medeiros (Brazil), Shusho (Argentina), Grzegorz Domaradzki (Poland), João Lelo (Brazil), Erik Baars (New Zealand), Andreas Preis (Germany), Chelsea Greene Lewyta (USA), Rubens Scarelli (Brazil), Rodrigo Francisco (Brazil), Uno Oliveira (Brazil), Leo Teixeira (Brazil), Luciano Cian (Brazil), Arthur Kjá (Brazil), Pow (Brazil), Henrique Araújo (Brazil), Alexandre Duarte (Brazil), Thiago Mano (Brazil), Tika (Switzerland), Oz Montania (Paraguay), Ramon Saroldi (Brazil), Luiza McAllister (Brazil), Fernando Schlaepfer (Brazil), Anderson Mattias (Brazil), Marcus Pereira (Brazil), Jaime Bregantin (Brazil), Dudu Torres (Brazil) e André Vianna (Brazil).
Daniel Medeiros (Coordinator and Design), Raphael Peres (Planner), Fábio Vinteira (Developer) e Henrique Araujo (Support).

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